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how to make a decorative mirror

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-13

This is a nice and easy decorative mirror, hand decorated with cheap materials and easy to find. The craft is also useful for the way it recycles materials that have completed their useful life by giving them a second chance. The materials you will need are: . An old mirror, either round or square. It does not matter if the edges are worn down, it will be covered. . 8 or 9 empty toilet paper rolls . 1 or 2 empty kitchen paper roll, it is bigger than the toilet paper roll Instant glue . Cutter . Pencils . Glitter the color you like, in this case silver . White glue . A brush The steps to do this craft are: 1. Mark 4 splits on the small rolls of about 3.5 cm and mark separations of the same width on the big roll (3.5 cm) 2. Once you have all marked, cut carefully the rolls, that way you will have thin small rolls. 3. When you have cut all, with the brush, cover the rolls with white glue and the glitter. Let it dry for a couple of hours. 4. On the edge of the mirror glue a first line of roll, all around the edge. In this case the instant glue is ideal. Once you have done the first line continue with the second line interspersing the rolls. You can repeat this step until getting four lines. This is the part where you let your imagination fly away. 5. On the last line, add the big rolls joined by one small roll. If you wish, you can add one more line of big rolls, that is up to you. 6. Once all the rolls are glued, the ideal is added clear varnish on spray, always being careful of the mirror. It is ready to amaze your place!

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