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how to make a decorative frame

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-19

This is a really easy craft, no need of knowledge of techniques is required and the result is a beautiful frame for photographs, for a mirror or anything you have in mind. The materials are cheap and easy to get, and this craft will not take more than one afternoon of work. The material you will need is: . A sheet of paperboard of about 50 cm wide and 70 cm long . Golden paint on spray . 200 plastic spoons on any color . Transparent varnish . Instant glue . Pencil . Scissors . Cutter The steps to follow are: 1. With the scissor cut the handle to all the spoons. 2. Then paint the spoons with the golden paint from both sides, front and behind. Let it dry 3. At the same time pain the paperboard with the same golden paint, that way it will not look as a paperboard anymore. 4. On the paperboard draw a smaller rectangle of about 30 cm wide and 50 cm long. That is the frame size. 5. Once all the spoons are dry, with the instant glue start gluing the spoons, one next to the other, trying not to leave any space between the spoons. It is better to start from the outside edge and with the rounded edge of the spoon in the front. 6. Repeat the action on lines, until you get to the inside edge drawn before. 7. When all the spoons are glued, spray the whole frame with the transparent varnish to add an extra shiny touch. 8. If you are using the frame for photos, you can add it with some instant glue on the back side of the photo, but if you are using it for a decorative mirror, you need to use warm silicone to glue the mirror. It is ready to be settled.

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