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how to make a decorative bag

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-16

With this tutorial, having a fancy ecological bag is not a problem. The materials are easy to get and cheaper than buying this kind of bags on the market. The material you will need is: . Meter of ecological fabric, light sand color . Thread of the same color than the fabric . Red acrylic paint . Light pink acrylic paint . A pencil (the ones with a rubber on the top of the pencil) . A piece of paperboard . A paper heart with a heart shaped hole inside . Scissors . Pins . Needless The steps to follow are: 1. In the ecological fabric, mark two rectangles of 40 cm wide by 50 cm long, two strips of 50 cm long by 17 cm wide strip of 40 cm long by 17 cm wide and 2 strips of 5 cm wide by 18 cm long. 2. Join the pieces with the help of the pins, being careful about matching the sizes. The big rectangles must be joined by the long trips, the short strip is the bottom of the bag and the little strips are potholders. 3. Once the whole bag is joined with pins, you can start sewing; can be manually or with a sewing machine, always in the setback part. 4. When the bag is completely sewn, set the paperboard under one side of the bag and the draw above the fabric. Wet the rubber of the pencil on red paint and start painting, marking circles around, trying to not following any pattern, you must do the same on the inside of the heart draw. The point is, paint around the edge of the heart with the circles of paint. 5. Repeat the action with the pink paint on the outside and the side of the heart. Once the whole shape is painted let dry, and it is ready to use.

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