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how to make a beautiful pompom rug

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-10

This is an easy and beautiful option for any bedroom, a pom-pom rug, can be made as big as you wish and the color and design are up to you. The material is cheap, but if you want to do some recycling you can use the wool of some old sweaters. The softness of the wool will make a party for your feet every time you step into this rug. The materials you will need are: . 8 skeins of wool the color you wish preferably light color . 4 skeins of wool of a different color preferably of a dark color . A big fork The procedure is: 1. Around the prongs of the fork, tying the beginning of wool. The knot should be in the middle of the fork tines. 2. Wrap the yarn around the prongs of the fork, make 15 turns. 3. With the help of a crochet hook and a piece of wool of the same color, tie strongly the wool in the middle of the fork tines. 4. Once it is moored, remove the fork from the wool. 5. Having the wool tied in the middle, cut the ends and it will stay as a pompom 6. To make a rug of 70 cm long and 35 cm wide, you need to do 38 pom-poms of dark wool, and about 130 pom-poms of light colored wool to refill the rug. It might look like a Herculean work, but it is easy and will be done quickly. 7. Once you have all the pom-poms done, you can start to join the pom-poms, taking one wool of each pompom and attaching it to another. Some of these steps may take a lot of time, but it is easy to do, and as you keep working, you will be faster.

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