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how to make a beautiful organizer for earrings and necklaces

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-13

This is a really useful organizer for every girl. Girls love earrings and necklaces so they tend to have lots of them, so getting organized can be quite difficult. This craft is ready to help to organize those with a fancy touch, no one can resist to this beauty. The material needed is: . An old frame, try not to be more than 50 cm wide . Pink paint in spray . Sandpaper . 6 or 8 golden hobnail, the amount depends on the size of your frame. . Thin . A thin golden chain . Some pink potholders . Clear varnish spray The steps are: 1. Scuff sand the old frame, just trying to remove the varnish layer having above. 2. Once it is done, paint with the pink spray paint, let it dry. Repeat the painting twice, with two layers of paint it looks better. 3. When the paint is dry, scuff sand gently, just to give to the frame a vintage look. The combination between the new paint with marks of the old painting background, create a great visual effect. 4. Paint with the clear varnish spray to make the paint more shiny. 5. Nail the hobnail on the inside sides of the frame, the hobnails should hold the thin chains, from left to right. The chains are where you will hang your earrings. 6. At the bottom of the frame, nail the potholders, as many as you want. That is where you will hang your necklaces. 7. Once you have all the parts nailed, you can start decorating the way you want. For example, you can add some black flower on the upper right side of the frame, and next your name design on foam letters, as I said, it is time to use your imagination.

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