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How to maintain healthy bones

Posted: 2015-01-19

There are two main ingredients that help you maintain a healthy bone structure: calcium and vitamin D. Calcium makes your bones more resistant, while vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium. Lucky for us, both of these are easy to find, so all we need to do is to eat more of these nutrients:

1. Milk
Milk provides 30% of our daily recommended intake of calcium. So if you are not a big milk drinker, this is a good reason to include more of this nutrient in your menu. You can also eat yogurt or cheese, any type of food based on milk.

2. Sardines
This little fish is a great source of calcium and vitamin D. You can eat it straight out of a can or you can use it to cook a lot of great and tasty dishes, such as pasta or salads.

3. Eggs
Eggs contain about 6 % of our daily recommended intake of vitamin D. They are quite cheap, easy to find and to cook and they make pretty tasty dishes.

4. Salmon
Salmon is delicious and rich in nutrients. It contains many Omega 3 fats and a great amount of vitamin D. This means it’s good for the bones, as well as for the heart.

5. Spinach
There is a reason why Popeye used to eat spinach all the time. It contains calcium, fibers, iron and vitamin A. It is also great if you want to lose weight or if you are following a detox diet.

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