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how to know if she likes you

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-23

1. If she laughs at your jokes Yep, it's true. Even though it's not a major trait a girl is looking for, every woman likes a guy that could make her laugh. So if you're the guy that could tickle her funny bone, chances are, she already likes you. If you're not really that funny but she laughs at your lame jokes anyway, then congrats, bro. She's into you. 2. If she makes a move for physical contact When a girl makes a move, it's usually very discreet. If she makes a move or excuses to touch you, chances are, she likes you. Like, if she touches your hair before asking if you got a haircut; she volunteers to help you tie your tie and "accidentally" sleeping her head off on your shoulder during a trip. 3. If she "gives" opportunity for you to help her Although we can do things on our own, sometimes we want a man to help us, especially those that we like. If she gives you opportunity to help you, or if she helps you a little too often, then she does like you. Not only does this make her feel somewhat flattered, this is also a chance for her to spend more time with you. 4. If she gives or makes you food Giving and making you food is a good sign that she likes you. Not only does this show you of her culinary skills, the fact that she prepared a meal for you means she's thinking about you. No one really does "happen to make extra food" and "happen to be in the neighborhood". The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?

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