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how to keep your pc or laptop run smooth using disk cleanup

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-06

Starting an introduction where all necessity and importance of computers in our life are told can be pointless now days. Saying because computer is one of the vital part of our life now and doesn’t need any introduction. We use this device in form of laptop or desktop so much that we can’t even think of a day without it. By saying that, the amount of time we use them and the amount of load we put into these machines they can get rusty inside at times. Let us talk how to do maintenance of computers inside software or operating systems. When we use our computers on various purposes like using various software’s, browsing a whole bunch of websites and saving so many files everyday, computers storage or memory system stores saves a lot of junk files and compressed files in their memory. We don’t normally see these files but they can occupy a large space in our hard disk also in RAM. As a result, our computers gets slow and software’s struggles to run and even we don’t get the proper internet speed. Now before buying any diagnostic tool software we can easily clean these junk files within our operating system. Windows operating system provides necessary tools to clean all these trash and run your PC smooth. To clean your junk, temporary and old compressed files use “Disk Cleanup” tool. You can find it under Accessories both in Windows XP or 7. Find it by going Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>> Disk Cleanup. Select your respective drive you want to clean and Click and check all the boxes there and click OK to start cleaning. This will clean all your unnecessary files which you don’t use. Don’t worry or get scared, it will not delete anything important from your hard disk. Disk cleaner only deletes temporary system files that have no use in your computer. It has been seen that by Disk Cleaner people have recovered great amount of disk space even 20-30 GB of space! So everyone should develop this practice to use Disk cleaner regularly. And also, once in a week run Disk Defragmenter to make your PC or laptop breezy and run smooth.

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