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how to keep your home clean

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-11

A clean house doesnít only give it a fresh look but it also gives you the peace of mind. It portraits your elegance and your guests experiences a delightful visit. A clean house is a proper relaxing place and putting some effort to clean it if even it feels troublesome after all your works, it will give you immense pleasure and relaxation. Now when it comes to keeping your house clean, it is not a matter of just washing and cleaning stuffs, itís about decorating your living place in an organized manner. You need a proper plan to do it smoothly and perfectly. Letís look at some points which should be considered when keeping your home neat and clean. 1. Keep you kitchen sink clean: Always keep your kitchen clean, specially your sink. Donít leave your dishes in the sink for days. Always clean your stuffs as soon as you are done using them. 2. Keep your Toilet and Bathroom clean: Make a routine to clean your total bathroom and toilets at least once a week. But for regular cleaning, it doesnít harm anyone to just quickly flash the toilet or wash the sink. Just a matter of couple of minutes but a clean toilet/bathroom shows your tidy mentality. 3. Donít throw stuffs everywhere: If you have kids then you go through this problem that they throw stuffs, their toys and almost all the things all over your house. You can keep a basket to quickly pick up those and to restore them later when you have time. 4. Never leave clothes out: This is a common tendency among most of the people that we are too lazy to keep our clothes in the closets even the ones which are clean. You should develop a habit of keeping clothes in proper places. 5. Taking the trash out regularly: This is another habit we all should develop into ourselves. By taking the trash out everyday will ease the load of trash. 6. Cleaning time around the clock: You should try to clean your house in the morning when you wake up. You should start with making your bed in the morning. Before you go out, you can also do a bit of cleaning as it is wonderful to come back to a clean place. You can also clean and tidy your place at night before going to bed.

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