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How to keep my laptop screen active while the lid is closed in Windows 10

Posted: 2020-05-17

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By default your laptop is set to hibernate when the lid is closed. You can change this settings to make it active when the lid is closed so you can look at your external monitor or play a video on your TV via HDMI or other method of connections

To change this settings

1. On your Windows search box type, Lid and then click Change what closing the lid does on your search result

2. Under the Power and sleep buttons and lid settings, change the settings beside "When I close the lid", change it to Do nothing

That is all you need to do to change laptop monitor to stay active after the lid is closed.

Another way to get to the settings is to go to:

1) Open the Windows control panel by searching in the search box
2) Click Power Options
3) On the left panel, click Choose what closing the lid does
4) Change on battery and on plugged in options to Nothing beside the "When I close the lid".

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