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how to install read only domain controller in windows server 2008

Posted: 2009-03-31

Read-only Domain Controller (RODC) is Windows Server 2008 feature that deploys locked version of Active Directory Domain Controller database. RODC is suitable for small branch offices and remote work locations where physical security is not established. You can install RODC on a Server Core to reduce disk resource and increase server security.
Installing Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC)
To Install RODC, perform these steps; 1. In stall and setup Server 2008 on primary domain controller. 2. Install Server 2008 on that would act as RODC. 3. Click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager on the RODC. You must login with administration credentials. 4. Scroll down and click on Add Roles. 5. Click next on the “Before You Begin” console. 6. Select Active Directory Domain Services and click next. 7. Click next to install Active Directory. 8. Click Install on the “Confirm Installation Selection” console. 9. Click close when the installation completes. 10. In the Server Manger, expand and click on Active Directory Services. 11. In the summary console, click on the “Run the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard”. Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard opens up. 12. Put a check mark on the “Use advanced mode installation” option in the welcome screen. Click next. 13. Click next on the Operating System Compatibility console. 14. Choose existing forest in the Deployment Configuration console. 15. Choose Add a Domain Controller to an Existing Domain in the deployment configuration console. 16. Type the domain name and click next and also click next to the select domain console. 17. Select a Site or leave it as default if you do not have sites configured and click next. 18. Put a check mark on the “Read-only domain controller” and DNS options. 19. In the “Specify the password replication policy” console, add groups and users to login to the RODC with allow permission. Remove any unnecessary groups or users and click next. 20. In the “Delegation of RODC installation and Administration” console, type the local administrator or administration group to delegate the RODC administration. 21. Leave “Replicate data over the network from an existing domain controller” and click next. 22. Choose the domain controller to replicate data from and click next. 23. Review the default Database, Sysvol, and Log files locations and click next. 24. In the “Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator Password” console, type the Active Directory Restore Mode password and click next. 25. Review the RODC installation and click next. 26. Restart the computer once prompted to do so

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