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how to install certificate authority ca in windows server 2003 network

Posted: 2009-03-02

A Certificate Authority (CA) is a service that issues and manages connection identification or certificates in a public key infrastructure PK1. The requesting computer and receiving compute both go through third party CA for verification through digital certificate. Install Certificate Authority CA in Windows Server 2003; 1. Click Start -> Control Panel. 2. Double click Add/Remove Program. 3. Click on Windows Components. 4. Select Certificate Services. 5. Choose “Enterprise root CA” for your primary CA. Click Next. 6. Type the name of your CA. Click Next. 7. Choose the location to install. Click Next. 8. Insert your Windows Server 2003 CD or point to your I386 folder. 9. Click finish to complete. Request a Certificate for Windows XP Client; 1. Click Start -> Run. 2. Type MMC and click OK to open the MMC Microsoft Management Console. 3. In the MMC Console, click File and then click Add/Snap-in. 4. Click Add and then double click Certificates. 5. In the Certificates Snap-in, select “Computer Account”. 6. Click Finish and then Ok. 7. In the MMC console, expand Certificates. 8. Right click Personal and select All Tasks and then click on Request New Certificate. Request Certificate wizard opens up. Click Next. 9. Select Computer and click Next. 10. Type friendly name and click Next. 11. Click Next and then Finish. Request Certificate success message should appear.

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