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how to install android studio

tulika yadav
Posted: 2015-04-08

Step 1: Go to developer.android.com/sdk/index.html and download the Windows version. Step 2: Go to the mentioned link for Downloading jdk . You need to download the best suitable jdk according to your system configuration. Step 3: First Install the Downloaded java, then Android Studio. Step 4: Make sure that you are still online as you also need to install SDK and AVD for your Android Studio, however if you already have SDK and AVD then you may only need to set up the path. Step 5: Create a new Android Virtual device. 1. Go to Tools>> Android>>AVD manager 2. Create new device according your need. 3. After creating, play that device, if it runs then no problem, else 1. Go where you have installed Android Studio and follow the path AppDataLocalAndroidsdkextrasintelHardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager 2. Then install intelhaxm-android.exe Step 6: Build your first code and press “shift + f 10” to run your code. Step 7: You may face another error android:layout_below="@+id” is missing, you may fill this information android:layout_below="@+id/TextView_playSourceWord". Step 8: Run again now you may face no more error.

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