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How To Incorporate Yellow To Your Outfits

Posted: 2016-06-18

Yellow is the color of season and you may think it's difficult to incorporate it to your daily looks. Here's how to add yellow to your outfits without failing in the attempt:

e) A yellow sleeveless blazer: The longer the better. This tricky piece of clothing is actually really easy to layer with almost your entire closet. And you can wear it from summer to fall.

f) A yellow short structured jacket: It can also have prints. Wear it to the office to cheer up all those boring work outfits.

g) A yellow turtleneck sweater: Winter approved. Pair it with a flare denim trouser and voil, you get a 70's inspired look.

h) A yellow long coat: In this case, the bigger the better. Go oversize. Go bold!

i) A yellow wool scarf: Accessorize your neck area while warming your cleavage. It looks perfect on a neutral color outfit.

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