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how to heal emotionally

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-15

Healing your heart after it endured so much pain can be a difficult task, but it is not impossible. If you want to start healing emotionally, follow the steps below. 1. Let go You are never going to feel better if you keep all that rage and sadness within your heartóyou have to let it all go. Yes, it may be difficult, but itís for the better; better to end things now than to prolong the hurt. It is only when you let go that you start to heal. 2. Remove that person from your life A wound would never really heal if you keep peeling off its scabs. This goes the same for you; youíre never going to feel any better if you that person is still in your radar. Stop checking out his Facebook profile, his tweets and anything else he posts. Unfollow him from the social media if you have to. Stop feeding yourself with information of a person you want to forget. The more you track how their life progresses, the more you stop living yours. Stop the longing. Remove all things that remind you of the person or phenomena that caused you so much hurt. Cut off all communication as well. Decline friendly coffee dates; donít answer messages or calls. There is a time to work things out with the person involved, but this is not the time for that. For now, you have to feel better and heal your emotional woundsóand thatís never going to happen if that person is still in your life, causing you more pain than you can bear. 3. Re-direct your energy You would probably have this longing itch to rekindle things with the person involved or just spend time reminiscing the good olí days. When this starts to happen, you have to re-direct your energy. Dive in to work; spend more time building your career; spend more time with your family and good friendsódo anything to keep you busy. Busy enough that you wonít have the time to stop and think about all those painful memories. 4. Surround yourself with people thatíll help This step will help you progress better. Surround yourself with people thatíll help you move forward and forget. Maybe a good set of friends that know how to crack you up, or simply or mom thatíll never get tired to offer a comforting hug. Let yourself enjoy the company of these people, to help you get over the company of those who have hurt you.

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