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how to hard reset android devices

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-25

Android devices have become so popular that have they taken over not only the smartphone world but also almost have washed the feature phones away. Feature phones are used world wide till now but they have lost their fascination. Though the most famous brand of the world, Apple had taken the world with its astounding smart device which we know as iphone, but Googleís smartphone operating system Android seized the market like a storm. All famous and popular brands like Samsung, Sony, and HTC adopted this operating system and started manufacturing device based on Android. Android makes your phone using experience to a truly smart level. You can now almost do all the things you did in computers. New apps are getting published every second, new ideaís, new opportunities are opening every minute, in a word sky is the limit for scope. Now to use a smartphone you yourself need to be smart enough to handle them. Even though sometimes this devices get heavy, RAMís get occupied, they get really slow may be even virus attacks and sometimes you canít even access any of your file. This is the time when you need to Hard Reset your android device. Now hard resetting is not that tough but it varies on different versions of Android and even on brands. We will discuss the most common method among a wide range of methods. First turn off your phone. Then you need to Press and hold the volume up button and at the same time press the power button. Press and hold them both until the factory reset or wipe data options appear. You can first wipe all dataís then factory reset your device. To scroll and select options you need to press volume down button and to select and proceed, you need to press Home button. When done select the reboot your device option. Your device will reboot will open as new as it came from the factory.

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