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how to grow rice

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-09-21

Rice is believed to be the oldest food on the table of dinner. According to the archaeologists, the presence of rice has been traced back to almost 5000 BC. There is also historical evidence in the history of China that Chinese people used to hold ceremonies on an annual basis regarding rice festivals. Rice is believed to be the native plant of India and Thailand. The best areas for the growth of rice are the one which receive lots of rain. The growth of rice requires a bunch of water once it is grown into the ground. Growing rice in a garden or a porch of your own is nothing less than a fun plant. In order to thrive your rice plant, the secret is the recreation of already flooded paddy of rice. In order to grow rice plants in a small container, collect the small buckets of plastic and should be empty. The only thing to notice is that these containers should not enclose of any kind of holes in the bottom, otherwise it will let the water out of the container. The seeds need to grow the rice plants should be yellow or long-grain rice of brown color. Avoid using the white color rice seeds as these are processed through machinery and would adversely affect your crop. The first and foremost step is that you need to sow the long-grain seeds into the soil and water them as they are full dipped in it. Then wait for some days until these seeds grow up and give small plants of about 12 to 19 inches. Then move these plants to some other soil or a container where you want to grow your rice plants, and then water them as they are fully dipped in it. Water the plant regularly in bulk form because the crops of rice need it a lot. Take care of the crop, water it in a proper way and try to remove pesticides. You will get the best rice crop.

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