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how to grow radish

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-09-27

Who is still unfamiliar with Radish? It is a vegetable that makes your salad crunchy and has a very sharp taste. Some people cannot eat it raw because of its taste but in salad it taste okay, and since it first cultivated until today it has become the largely grown vegetable at homes. You can grow it in your back yard and it grows fast almost in few weeks you can grow it again and again and it will make your food taste good. You can grow radish any time of year, it doesnít matter you are planting them in fall or summer. There is a wide variety of Radish but red radish that also resembles with cherry is most common. Following are the steps to grow your Radish: 1. Make an Organic fertilized soil or you can buy it from Local Plant Shop. 2. Sow the seeds with equal distance by putting them gently in one inch deep hole. 3. Make sure there is proper sunlight because Radish need sunlight, they do not grow properly under shade. 4. The best season to grow them is in fall and end of winter. 5. Keep the soil moist and do not over water it. 6. If infected with Club root or Cabbage Root Maggot (pests) then use a pesticide or waste the crop and plant again, it only need 2 or 3 weeks to grow them anyway. 7. After the plant is mature pluck it out or it will start to get fungus and decay as it gets mature. Store your Radish in plastic bag after cutting their leaves. Now you can enjoy your salad with homemade ingredients. Without Radish, salad looks colorless as its sharp red color enhance the appetite and as we just learned itís easy to grow!!.

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