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how to grow mushrooms

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-09-18

The growth of Mushrooms arenít required any kind of difficult practice. The food which is free from fats, comprised of very less calories, full of vitamins, a bunch of nutrients and antioxidants is a wonder land of taste. The growth of mushrooms even within the garden of your home is a very easy task to do, you may not need to do much upon this and you can get the best product of your desire. If an exquisite environment is provided at the home of yours, than there will not be any difficulty to grow the mushrooms. As other plants grows from seeds, the same is not with mushrooms, they donít need seeds to grow, rather, these mushrooms are grown from spores of microscopic level by which roots are taken within the substrate or in a medium of growth. The spores, from which the mushrooms grow is so small that you canít even see them with the normal naked eye. Mushroom doesnít grow from seeds. The spores from which the mushrooms grow are tiny enough because they arenít comprised of chlorophyll that works to germinate (that is what done by seeds). The spores are entirely relayed upon wood chips, straw, grain, liquid for the nourishment or sawdust. A mixture of a bunch of nutrients and the spores is thatís what called as spawn. Spawn serves as a starter that is often needed to make the bread for sourdough. The entire growth of the mushroom is supported by spawn that is tiny, roots that are just like threads and white in color and are named as mycelium. The first stage of the mushrooms is the production of spawn and that is what encourages the mushroom to grow more. For growing of mushrooms, spawn is better enough, but still, if we add up or apply some of the substrate to the spawn, then you will harvest even better mushrooms. The addition of substrate is entirely dependent on the type of the mushroom that may be logs, straw, cardboard, wood chips, logs and are mixed up with cotton, straw, coca, gypsum, corncobs and supplements of nitrogen. The environment preferred for the growth of Mushrooms is cool, humid, dark, and moist.

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