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how to grow cherry or baby tomato

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-09-21

There are only a few essential steps to consider: First is to decide the location as to where you will grow tomato seedlings. Second is to choose from among the available varieties you can find in reputable stores. After the first and second step, you are now ready to start planting tomato seeds or seedlings. More importantly, when you plant the seeds, make sure to provide room for root expansion. Do not forget to sprinkle water after planting your tomato seeds or seedlings just enough to keep the soil moist. Tomatoes love heat, therefore tomatoes grown in containers must be kept in constant exposure to sunlight. Growing tomato seedlings need at least 6 - 8 hours sunlight every day. You may start transplanting your tomato plants when you see 6 full grown leaves. Transfer them to your container or outdoor garden. But before doing is so harden off your tomato plant first. Hardening off means to gradually expose your growing tomato plant to the colder outdoor temperatures. Be careful when transplanting tomato plants hold only the leaves and not the stem. Stems are still fragile at this stage. Place your seedlings in a deep hole and fill in with compost soil evenly around the stem. This will ensure a strong foundation for your plant. After that lightly press the compost soil making sure that the roots and soil have direct contact. Consistently water your plant as well as turning the containers with the tomato plants to secure even sunlight penetration to the plant. If the plant is denied even exposure to sunlight, it will result to bent stems thus causing blossom end rot. Stalking can also support the growing tomato plant. Pruning the leaves once in a while will help eliminate suckers and pests. Make sure also to get rid of non-bearing fruits.

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