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how to grow cauliflower

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-09-14

Cauliflower is the species, from normal cabbage and it is crop of cool season. In order to grow cabbage, it requires very pleasant and placid environment because cauliflower, unlike cabbage is unable to bear the extreme cold or hot environment. Just because of this fact, it is very hard to grow cauliflower on usual level and is usually grown on commercial level. If someone is looking for growing a cauliflower in the garden of their home, then they need to provide a very cold temperature on consistent scale that is about 60s. If these conditions are not provided to it, then it is possible that it may not provide you with actual white heads of nice color, but they may form button like and heads of the button size. If you want to grow a cauliflower of exceptional level then you need to follow some of the facts of exceptional level. You can enjoy this vegetable in all the seasons with full taste and enjoyment. In order to grow cauliflowers the first and foremost thing is to select a site where the sun shines six hours a day at least. The soil where you are going to plant, it should be rich enough in organic matters. The addition of composted mature to this soil is also very important. In order to avoid the buttoning, the fertile soil should comprise of moisture. Before planting the seeds of cauliflower, checking the pH of the soil is also very important. The pH of this soil should be 6.5 to 6.8. It is highly recommended to grow cauliflower with transplants, other than seeds. The transplantation of the cauliflower should take place in 2-4 weeks before the rainfall of average scale in the season of spring it should not be much late or not soon enough. Place these transplants in the soil at least 18-24 inches below, and to provide these transplants in open place there should be a distance of 30 inches between each transplant. The temperature should keep lower than 75 Degrees F. If someone is looking to grow cauliflower from seeds, than you need to start growing them 4-8 weeks of when you need them. Grow these seeds 2 to 4 inches below and 3-6 inches apart from each other. During the period of their germination, water the plant regularly. When they are done with becoming transplant then sow them in the proper place in your garden. Provide the crop with shading and add mulch to avoid moisture.

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