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how to grow apples

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-09-14

Have you ever wished to have an orchard of apple in the backyard of your home? You can even grow a huge tree along with a bunch of tasty apples. Regarding plantation of apples, it is recommended to sow the seeds in the spring season, especially in northern and central areas. And those areas, where winter and autumn is moist and mild in general, plantation in autumn season is successful enough. In order to know about the plantation of apples, you must be aware of the fact that it is not mandatory that every kind of apple supposed to be grown over everywhere. For ripening of each variety of apples it is very important to provide them with particular weather, climate and specific days. The tags on trees donít explain that which variety of apple is going to be grown over here, but you may get it through catalogs. Moreover, it is also very important to notice the particular area that at which place you are going to grow an apple tree. There is a general rule to grow a tree that is to check out the quality of apples it is recommended to check the Zones. If the tree turns hard it will give best production within the Zone 3-5, whereas, the long-termed quality of apples can be obtained in Zones 5-8. To take a test of soil in which you are going to plant your apple tree is highly recommended at first. The seeds should be planted 12-18 inches below, so that it may provide enough place to grow well. The soil needed for apple trees should not be wet enough but should drained in exquisite manner. In order to provide enough nutrients, a bunch of organic matter should be provided by the soil. The best sight to sow apple seeds is somewhat where you will have full-time sun fall per day. Pruning, rootstock and soil fertility is among such things that influences the spacing of the tree. In order to provide enough space to the roots the seeds should be sown with the difference of 15-18 inches in a row. In order to get best yield, prevent it from pests and water the tree in appropriate manner.

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