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how to grow a lemon

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-09-21

Lemon or citrus lemon is a fruit that came from a group called citrus and used as a source of vitamin C in drinks and foods. Lemon is easily propagated by seed, but usually it propagated vegetatively. These seeds are sold in a private nursery with an estimated price of between RM 5.00 - RM 12.00 per tree depending on the size of the plant varieties. If the seeds are bred for following then usually the trees that produce fruit earlier than in 2-3 years from seed to 4-5 years. It also can prevent attacks of nematodes and Citrus Greening Disease, which should be prevented at an early stage. Be sure to make a preliminary assessment of the quality of seedling plants to be suitable for planting. The soil new ground in the venture should be plowed first and provide organic fertilizer. In the field, the lemons are fertilized with suitable of 6m x 6m. It can be grown in the shape of a square. It would make the tree grown in every hectare is 270 trees. Next, dig a hole that measures 0.4m x 0.4m x 0.2m. Add 10 to 12 kg of organic fertilizer into the hole. CIRP or MOP fertilizers are given so that the roots had a catalyst to grow. Water the plant after planting the seeds. Watering the seeds could be done twice a day for the first 3 months. In addition, you can use fertilizer such as cow dung. The fertilization rate is recommended by 30 to 40 kg per tree per year that can be used as a growing stage of the tree. After the tree had reached the age of 1 to 3 years and achieved 40 to 60 kg per tree per year, the lemon from the tree will be seen.

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