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how to get rid of a hangover

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-15

While we have our own little remedies of how to get rid of a good ol’ hangover, these methods listed below almost always does the job. Take a full bath The moment that water reaches the top of your head and back is the moment that the healing starts. You’ll start to feel your headache to slowly be relieved and clear up. A full bath, not just a shower, will also give you a chance to wake up. Coffee Yep. That good cup of joe can wake up those parts of the brain that was shut off by alcohol. A Heavy Breakfast After a night of binge drinking, your stomach will feel weird and empty the next day. That pounding in your head will soon be gone when you have a heavy breakfast. By doing this, you’ll have more nutrients going around the body; you’ll recover your strength and your stomach—knowing that it will digest real food than alcohol, will be back to normal. Soft/Fizzy Drinks Drinking these kinds of beverage should be done the night before (if you still can). The fizziness of the drink will lessen or somewhat counter the effects of alcohol, thus lessening the effect of your hangover in the morning. Or you know, just don't drink more than what you can handle.

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