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how to get more likes on your facebook page

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-02-13

May it be for business, a hobby or simple interest, getting likes on your Facebook page is always a good thing. More likes mean more exposure for your company and it could also mean more infulence and followers on the world wide web. Follow these simple methods below and you'll get more likes on your page in no time. 1. Join "Like My Page" groups One of the simplest ways to get likes is to like another person's page first. Join Facebook groups that are centered on getting likes for their pages. These groups could run with names or keywords such as "like my page, I'll like yours"; "like back"; "like for like" and "promote your page". Once you post your page link, the likes will keep on coming. But remember, lots of people want to get likes on their page too; don't forget to like their page as well. 2. Invite your Friends On the left side of your page, usually where the number of likes is displayed, you'll see a list of your Facebook friends. Next to their names would be an "Invite" button. Simply click the said button and expect your page likes to increase. It may not bring in a huge number, but it will count. Some of your friends may not even know that you own a page, so this will be a ood start in terms of awareness. Plus, since more friends are viewing (and may be liking and sharing) your page content, it may prompt their other Facebook friends to check out--and eventually--like your page. 3. Facbook Ads If you ask me, this is the most effective way of gaining a notable increase in the number of page likes, in a short period of time. All it takes is just money. And it doesn't have to be big money. Facebook ads gives your the option to promote your page, with the sole purpose of getting more people to like your page. It's all there in the options; explore it. You could run this ad for as low as 40 pesos ($1) a day. You can even set up the targeting (gender, age, social status, interests, nationality, etc.) to ensure you reach the people you intend to have as a page audience. You can increase the budget if you wish. And voila! Your Facebook page now has more likes.

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