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how to get better scores in essay type exam questions

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-23

Essay type exam questions are easy points, if you know hos ti answer them correctly. Unlike objective type exam questions like identification, enumeration and fill in the blanks, you can get away with points on essays as long as you defend you answer correctly. So what is the secret of getting better scores in essays? Read on. Repeat the question Answer in complete sentences. If the question goes like: "Why is the sky blue?", you answer should be along the lines of: "The sky is blue because...". Don't just dive into the answer right away; that would sound like an informal answer. Get straight to the point After your introductory phrase, you should get to the point. Your answer must be stated before you even go on explaining. The answer can also be in the conclusion, but, after all those supporting sentences with all the facts and whatnot, your reader might miss your point. So it's better if you state your answer right away and just re-state it in the conclusion. Give examples and expound After you've made your point, you have to support and strengthen it with examples. Give concrete examples. If you give a vague answer, chances are, you are not going to get a good grade for this part of the test. Expound your claims by simply explaining them further. Just remember to give examples and explanations that will help your answer. If it's simply not related, you answer will sound too clutter and confusing. Quote your professor This is where actually listening to your professor or teacher actually pays off. In my days as a student, whenever the teacher gives his interpretation of the subject matter, I always take note of it. That way, when the essay questions come up, I would already know what to write. 'Cause chances are, he already discussed the crucial parts of the topic. All I have to do is to write his interpretation in my own words and incorporate into my essay answer. Not only does this give you an awesome argument for your essay, it also shows your professor that you're actually paying attention.

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