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how to fully clean hard disk space

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-15

Hard disk is the storage device which is used in computer and servers to store data’s. In simple language if you are not used to the name hard disk or confused about what it is actually, hard disk consists the drive you see when you enter your My Computer. Your all favorite drives such C, D, E; F etc are different partitions of a hard disk. The importance of hard disk drive doesn’t need any introduction or not needed to explain. Hard disk drives are what you rely on storing your all important data’s and where you install your desired software’s and games, moreover the operating system itself is installed in a hard disk. Now when you use a hard disk for years it can become slow, it can be affected by viruses, it can have errors, bad sectors etc. Through Anti-virus, cleaner software or disk defragmenters you can recover your hard disk speed but not always and not totally. Sometimes old hard disks becomes vulnerable, they get affected by viruses easily, bad sectors arises, recycle bins gets filled with bad files, old files doesn’t delete, stores virus information in the background and they become unrecoverable. Well there’s a solution to this through which you can recover your hard and bring it to the stage of almost new. What you need to do is, remove your hard disk, backup all important data’s somewhere else and format your whole hard disk attaching it to another computer. Before formatting you can also check for viruses from that computer. Now when you delete some data from hard disk, it doesn’t really delete it. It sends the data to background where it stays in an inactive mode. When you copy new data’s then your hard disk replaces your previous hidden data’s from background. To permanently delete data’s from hard disk you can use a software named Eraser. You can download it from here . After installing it in the other computer where you attached your hard disk, right click on the drives and erase your data’s permanently to have your old hard disk become new again.

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