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how to forgive someone

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-03-23

It isn't easy, but sooner or later, you have to forgive that person. Having grudges is not healthy and should be let go of as soon as possible. So how do you forgive those who have wronged you? They're people too I know it's a cliché, but people do make mistakes. You have to understand that that person, just like you, have weaknesses that just happened to overpower him. You make mistakes too, and deserve to be understood and eventually forgiven. And so do they. Put yourself in his shoes Another cliché, but the key to forgiving another person is to try understand him. There may be reasons as to why they acted that way, some certain scenario or obstacle in life that led that person into that course of action. These reasons may not be acceptable as excuses, but it will at least help you understand the situation better and will eventually help you to forgive. Just let go You can never really forgive unless you let it all go. So, when you're ready, you do it. Let go of all that anger and resentment. All the pain, bitterness and negative emotions will follow suit in leaving. The good thing is, once you let it all go, you'll feel much better knowing that you no longer have that lingering pain in your heart. Never forget so you won't make the same mistakes, like trusting the person again, but you have to forgive. It's really for the best.

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