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how to fix nothing appears on monitor when starting pc problem

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-05

We often face this problem where we turn on our PC and we hear the usual sound of CPU’s (Central processing Unit) cooling fan start running and if our casing is transparent then we can even see the cooler of processor running. But the shock comes when everything is running in the CPU but we don’t see anything in the monitor. There’s absolutely nothing appears even though you have plugged in the monitor cable properly. Your heart starts pounding what might have happened to your beloved gaming PC or working PC. All your files are in their, you start thinking what have you done wrong recently that you have crashed your PC! The good news is your PC has not crashed. This is a common issue and it can happen even to the latest personal computers. Now, what might be the solution? Should you call an expert or take it to a computer repair firm? That could be an option, but that would take long time to have your PC back and moreover it will cost you some money. You can fix this issue without any experts help. To be honest, this is a very ordinary problem and can be solved within some time with no skill required. First what you need is to turn off your CPU. You can do that by clicking and holding the power button of your CPU casing. Then carefully remove all the plugs attached to your CPU. If you are complete novice at this don’t panic, just memorize which cable was placed in which port. Then plug them again to their respective ports. If you are lucky this simple step can solve your problem. If your monitor still doesn’t show anything then, open the motherboard side of your casing where you can see the motherboard and all hardware’s attached to it. Carefully pull out the RAM. You will see two small clips on both sides of the RAM. Disengage them to bring out RAM. Now place the RAM again after cleaning it a bit just the way and the side you have pulled it out. Hold with your two hands and push firmly that the clips pop back to their places automatically. Plug all the cable’s again. That should be it. Try opening your PC now and if there’s no other problems in it, your PC will run and you will see the windows logo pops up in your monitor.

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