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how to find out what is your public ip address

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-01-08

An IP address of a computer connected to network or internet is just like your personal cell phone number. When people want to connect and talk to you they dial your number from their device, from their number and then when these two numbers connects each other through mobile network you can talk. IP address works same as like the cell phone numbers where your computer has its own IP address which connects to other IP addresses to share information’s. Public IP means that IP which can connect to internet directly. Suppose you have a wifi router installed in your home and you connect all your devices such smartphone, tablet, computer, laptops etc. Now you can only access internet and browse when you are connected to the router’s wifi. So here your router’s IP is Public and other devices have private IP. How to find out what is your public IP address The simplest way to find your public IP is to hit the Google; means search Google for your Public IP. Simple process, go to Google.com and in the search box type something like “My IP Address” or “What is my IP address” or just “What is my ip” then Google will show your IP with this line at the top result of the page saying, “Your Public IP address (your IP at the top of the line, for example –” Another way is, if you have a router installed in your network and access internet through that router then you can check your public IP from routers administration panel. Log in to your routers administration panel which is by entering in most cases. Then check your WAN status to find your public IP. But that instruction won’t necessarily work on every router because different routers have different admin page layouts and if you have bought shared Internet rather than dedicated line then you might not find your exact IP from router. But Google search will show you the correct ones.

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