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how to find out what device connected to a specific port on your cisco switch

Posted: 2014-08-25

The easiest way to find a device connected to known specific port is to find the physical address or MAC address first than locate the IP or Name. To get the device MAC address on the switch, issue this command:
Switch11#show mac address-table interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/4 Mac Address Table ------------------------------------------- Vlan Mac Address Type Ports ---- ----------- -------- ----- 1 000f.fef3.3971 DYNAMIC Gi1/0/4 Total Mac Addresses for this criterion: 1
Note: We issued a command to show the MAC address of the device connected on port 4 of the switch. Some Cisco Switches wild use show mac-address-table interface gigabitEthernet 1/0/4 assuming you are using Gigabit switch. Once you get the MAC address, the next step is to find associated IP address of the obtained MAC address. For this, you can use the router, DHCP Server, or MAC Address Scanner tools such as CCGetMAC. For this example, we will use the router to locate the IP Address of the MAC. on the router, issue this command: Router1#show arp | include 000f.fef3.3971 Internet 3 000f.fef3.3971 ARPA FastEthernet0/0 Ensure that you are connecting the local LAN interface of the router to get a correct IP address.

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