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how to exempt a user or group an application of existing group policy

Posted: 2009-02-22

Disabling the control panel in windows server 2003 network is very simple process. Here is how you would deny an application of an existing to a user or group: 1. Click Start –> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> and click Group Policy Management. If you don not have GPMC, download it from Microsoft.com and install. 2. Expand Forest/domain tree to find the Group Policy Object. 3. Select and right click the policy. 4. In the group policy object editor, right click the policy which is the top of the tree. 5. Click Properties. 6. In the Group or User Name box or the ACL(Access Control List), select the correct user or group. 7. In the Permissions box, deselect “Apply Group Policy”. You can also select Deny to deny the “Apply Group Policy”. 8. Click Ok.

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