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how to establish good shopping habits

mariana d.
Posted: 2015-08-20

These tips will make you a smarter shopper. If you are in your 20s’, you are in the ideal age to start: 1) Set a seasonal wardrobe budget: Using websites like Mint.com you can create a personalized monthly or seasonal budget. You must stick to it. 2) Focus on your office wardrobe: Invest in some good quality basics like a white shirt, a pencil skirt and a nice fitted blazer. 3) Buy less fast-fashion: I am not saying you shouldn’t enter a Forever 21 store anymore. What I’m saying is that you should buy wisely in this department. Avoid fleeting trends and really lousy materials. 4) Check what you already have in your closet before buying new things: If you already have three denim jackets you really don’t need a fourth one. 5) When sales, buy smart: “Sale” doesn’t mean “must-have”. Buy clothes that have a real discount and fit you properly. 6) Be nice with your investment pieces: If you are planning to spend a few thousands on a designer bag, make sure you are going to take good care of that item.

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