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how to enable volume shadow copy vss in windows server 2003 network environment

Posted: 2009-02-24

Shadow copy is a feature of Windows Server 2003 which takes a snapshot of a shared file or folder at any given time and stores the data for a configured amount of time. The primary function of Volume Shadow Copy is to allow network users to recover data lost by accident. Volume Shadow Copy does not keep track of all changes but only keeps original content until next specified copy time. To enable Volume Shadow Copy, follow these steps: 1. Login to the server you want enable VSS as an Administrator. 2. Click Start and click My Computer or the Server Name. 3. Right click the volume you want enable VSS (must be NTFS). 4. Click on Properties. 5. Click on the Shadow Copies tab. 6. Click on the Enable Button. 7. Click on the Settings. 8. Choose the amount of disk space you want dedicate as VSS. (100 MB is the minimum required). 9. Click on the Schedule button and specify time and days to take snap shot of the volume. 10. Click Ok and click Ok again. To enable Volume Shadow Copy on the client compute, follow these steps; 1. Download the ShadowCopyClient.msi from Microsoft website. There is also version of this program for previous versions of Windows if you not running Windows XP. 2. Install the program on the client computers. 3. Previous tab will be available when you right click a file or folder. To restore a previous version of file or folder; a. Right click the file or folder. b. Click on Properties. c. Click on the Previous tab. d. Select a file/folder and click on view to view the content. e. Click ok to restore the selected file/folder.

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