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how to enable and use offline files in windows xp or windows 2000 in server 2003 network

Posted: 2009-02-24

Offline Files of Windows XP/2000 client allows you to work on shared network files on your local machine or portable computer. Offline files are automatically downloaded from the network and stored on you local computer and still available when you are not connected. Any changes you make are automatically synchronized or added to the network version of the files. To enable or configure Offline Files on Windows Server 2003 Server shared folder for all users; follow these steps; 1. Browse and locate the shared folder to take it offline. 2. Right click the folder and click Sharing & Security. 3. Click on Offline Settings. 4. Select “All Files and programs that users open from the shared will be automatically available offline”. This option will make the content offline for all users that use the folder. To make network file or folder offline using a client computer, follow these steps; 1. Browse and locate the file or folder. 2. Click on Tools and then click on Folder Options. 3. Click on Offline Files tab and make sure “Enable Offline Files tab is selected”. 4. Choose the other preferred options such as when to synchronize, display remember time or if you like to create short cut of the offline folder on your desktop. 5. Right click the file or folder. 6. Click on “Make Available Offline”. 7. Select Yes to confirm that you want make the folders and subfolders offline or No to make only the main folder files offline.

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