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how to enable a user or group to manage active directory administrative tools on a client computer

Posted: 2009-02-19

This article will explain the process of enabling a user to manage Active Directory Administrative Tools on a client network computer in windows server 2003 environment. First the user must be local computer administrator and also must have rights to manage the active directory objects. To do this follows these steps: 1. On your Domain Controller click Start and Run. 2. Type MMC and click ok. This will open up MMC or Microsoft Management Console window. 3. In the MMC console, click File and then click “Add/Remove Snap-in”. 4. Click Add in the “Add/Remove Snap-in”. 5. Double click Active Directory Users Snap-in and then click Ok. 6. Save the Snap-in in a User Mode by going to File then click Options. Select User Mode – Full Access instead of Author Mode. Click ok. This will allow the user to manage the console but would not allow the user to change the console it self. 7. Save the console in a shared folder. 8. Copy the file name AdminPak.MSI from the Windows server 2003 to the same shared folder. 9. Login to the client computer. 10. Install the “AdminPak.MSI” tool in this local computer. To do this, click Start, Run and type the file path like this: \servermachinesharedfolderAdminPak.MSI and click ok. Follow the prompts to install. 11. Finally enable the “Administrative Tools” on the start menu if not already enabled.

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