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How to Earn Money Writing Online

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2017-02-22

How to make money online with your especial talents on your free time

What do websites have? Contents, that talks about their products or services or about themselves. Content is the most primary thing for a website and content is the most effective and first thing to express what you want people to know online. Whether in the process of web development of a website or SEO for a website or just blogging, everyone needs quality articles or content. Almost all of these content writing or article writing are done by freelance writers who work part time or full time online.

Now how do they do it? Writers or any freelancer can be found mainly in freelancing websites like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer.com, Fiverr, GigWag and others. In these freelancing platforms client comes and create a project to hire freelancers and freelancers, to be specific to our topic, freelancing writers apply on those writing jobs. The client then takes interview and hires the person whom he thinks best for his job.

Writers can also find work in some other dedicated writing websites like Strong Whispers, College Humors or cracked.com. They offer higher rates but come with a bunch of conditions, among them first thing is, your articles needs to follow all their long list of instructions and needs to be selected and liked by people in order for you to earn. If you are a good writer and can follow everything and write as per their instructions and all, these are the best options. But if you are just starting out and trying your skills and wants to improve as you work, you should start with freelancing websites. Yes, the rate will be low at the beginning but once you get a clear idea and get a good grip in your writing, you can earn decent amount to make living out of it.

Here are some must follow rules when writing online:

  1. You must have good English writing skills. It doesn't necessarily mean that a native English speaker can write articles. Writing is a skill that one must have to write something.

  2. You cannot copy anyone's writing. This is called plagiarism and is a crime. All the contents will be checked for plagiarism by clients or receiving parties.

  3. You need to study the topic deeply, understand it and then write in your own style and language.

  4. You cannot use spinning software's to spin an original content and make it plagiarism free. It can also be detectable and is a crime. You cannot also rewrite line by line changing some words to escape plagiarism checkers, this can also be detected and you will not get paid for any of these.

Be honest and read a lot in order to enhance your writing skills. Read from famous magazine websites or blogs to learn how they present their content. There are so many niches to write on. Find the one you feel passionate about and focus on writing in that field

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