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how to dress up for office

Posted: 2015-02-21

Does the dressing of the people working around you matter? When you groom yourself for work you always need to think about the people surrounding you, because it would be really inappropriate for you to wear jeans to work if your boss and other seniors dress up in formals. What should your dress project about you? The dress you wear should project your competency and professionalism rather than showcasing your suave model-like looks. The other thing to remember is that you should stop buying cheap clothes because cheap clothes make you look cheap.You should ensure that the clothes you wear match your persona. What should be worn to office? Men should look to buy black or grey trousers and women should invest in pencil skirts. Both men and women should avoid wearing any bling. Women should avoid wearing revealing clothes as much as possible. In an office, you would rather be remembered as the hard-working, professional lady rather than the lady who wears sexy clothes. Does comfort matter? And last but not the least you should be comfortable in whatever you are wearing because in order to give your cent percentage you need to be comfortable in your clothes. You need to find the equilibrium between comfort and style.

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