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how to download youtube video

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-06-30

Over the past few decades the internet has completely changed how media is viewed and how we are exposed to entertainment. On the list of the big names is YouTube, a brilliant and revolutionary idea at that time. Not only can you instantaneously search, view and comment on your favorite videos you can actually make videos of your own and upload them. So we have created accounts and subscribed to channels so that we remain updated with the latest entertainment by our favorite artist or new age channel that has gained fame by uploading home videos. Everything is just a couple of clicks away. People now want to have videos at their disposal – to transfer to an ipod or smartphone or maybe just save on a hard disk and watch later. In order for one to do this there are plenty of online tools and software’s that are available to fulfill this service. A simple search on Google will reveal the mountain of available options and it might be hard to cut through the noise and get the right software. They’re all free, but beware, some of them might install add on software, anti-malware and ad blockers that you don’t really want. So make sure to read all the details on any product before installing it to use for downloading videos from YouTube – you might just end up with more than you bargained for on your hard drive! The best software’s out there to download videos from YouTube will have great user reviews and will stand out for their great ratings. This is one of the many filters that you can apply when trying to identify the right software to download videos from YouTube without the hassle of the other bothersome add-ons. Once the software has been identified and installed, you can proceed to YouTube to download the videos of your choice. The process is pretty simple and self-explanatory. In most cases you simply have to move your mouse over the video being played and the option to download pops up over the screen. You can select and specify where you want the download saved and visit that folder any time you want to watch your favorite videos!

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