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how to do tie and dye

tulika yadav
Posted: 2015-03-20

Bored with the prints of your bed sheet , table cloth , curtains, tops ? Not to fret, there is an easy way to renew those old stuff . Tie and dye technique is an effective and cost less too to refurbish any T-shirts, shorts ,jeans with bright colour patterns. Here are the steps-  STEP 1 Take any cloth (prefer cotton , avoid nylon fabric) to revamp and mark spots by a marker to make designs with the dye .  STEP 2- Pick up the cloth at bind up the section marked with the help of twine. Make sure twine is tied up tightly. Tie the longer section of cloth for bigger designs and small sections for fine dots. For stripes, tie up the cloth lengthwise in pleats and for rings after binding up the sections of cloth tie another section of cloth just after 1 inch down from the first. Finish the binding procedure by tying a knot without breaking the twine.  STEP 3- Prepare dye , take 3 litres of water in a bucket add 3 teaspoons of salt , teaspoon of caustic soda and add 1 teaspoon of dye (for brighter prints) or teaspoon of dye (for lighter prints).  STEP 4- Take the prepared dye in a pan and heat it. Soak the tied up portion of the cloth into the boiling dye mixture and keep it in there for 15 minutes .  STEP 5- Take out the cloth with the help of wooden sticks and wash the cloth with cold water till no dye comes out . Dry it in shade.  STEP 6- Iron the cloth after it dries up. From above old , faded cloth can be turned into alluring , funky masterpiece work at home without much ado.

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