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How to do a Digital Assessment in Online learning

Jehangir Shah
Jehangir Shah
Posted: 2020-07-03

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Online Exam

There are two types of digital assessments in the online learning activities.

1. Formative Assessment
2. Summative Assessment

Let me discuss it with you separately….

1. Formative Assessment:
This type of assessment usually focuses on learning and is a part of Teaching process. Teacher’s feedback is very important in it. Self-assessment and Peer assessment is also used in order to evaluate the progress of learners. Some examiners prefer to take the Students feedback for more accuracy, however it’s not compulsory. Parents feedback is considered an important part of formative assessment.

The following are the examples of formative assessment:

Essay, Portfolio, Multiple choice, Short answers, Oral test and Projects.

Furthermore, there are some tasks for the improvement of Language learning in this type of assessment.

It includes Oral tasks (audio files / voice messages), Listening tasks.

2. Summative Assessment:
This type of assessment is very common among the teachers and it focuses on Competence, Cumulative work over an extended period. It also includes some Standardized tests. While Achievement Tests are practiced everywhere. Now there is one another way to enhance the quality of a Digital assessment and that is combination of Formative and Summative.
It Involves peers by providing formative feedback to a partner. Co-planning with students so that students could anticipate what things the exam would focus on.Have the students themselves prepare assessment tasks have been shown in studies to be effective in promoting learning outcomes.
It includes but not limited to it:
Audio or Video recording of instant feedback.
Checklists (Can do – statements / Learning Analytic).
Self-assessment Profile.
Free Feedback (Written/Verbal encouragement).
Simplified assessment Forms/Tests.
Learning by Questions (LBQ).
Presentation of products in small groups.

However, It needs a lot of practice to evaluate your students on a Digital platform. You will need Practice how to assess and provide feedback. Students also reflect on the feedback received. And Be easy with summative assessment (Online tools). In addition to it, Assignments are graded by the teacher regularly.

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