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how to disable windows 10 privacy and security

Posted: 2015-12-29

By default Windows 10 collects users personal data and behavioural patterns. By collecting this data, they will give you related marketing content and it helps them to make Windows and apps better.

To Disable Privacy features;
1. Click Start and then click Settings
2. Click Privacy
3. Under the General tab, disable

- Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps
- Turn on SmartScreen Filter to check web content that Windows Store app use
- Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future
- Let websites provide locally relevant content by accessing my language list

4. Under the location tab, disable location if you don't want windows to pinpoint your location or disable any application that would use your location.

5. Under the Camera tab, disable "let apps use my camera". This will not affect the camera or programs that you would explicitly allow such as Skype.

6. Under the Microphone tab, disable "let apps use my microphone". Again, this will not affect the Microphone or explicitly allowed programs.

7. Under the Speech, inking, & typing tab, click "Stop getting to know me" and then click "turn off" to disable Cortana to collect your information. You may want keep this on if you want use Cortana.

8. Under the Account info tab, disable "Let apps access my name, pictures, and other account info".

9. Under the Contact and calendar tabs, disable apps that you don't want them to access your contacts or calendar.

10. Under the Messaging tab, disable "Let apps read or send messages (text or MMS)

11. Under the Radio tab, disable "Let apps control radios"

12. Under the Other Devices tab, disable "let your apps automatically share and sync info with wireless devices that don't explicitly pair with your PC, tablet, or phone". Disable Apple iPhone as well if you are not using it.

13. Under the Feedback & Diagnostic, disable both Feedback and Diagnostic data if you are not willing to share this info with Microsoft.

14. Under the Background apps, disable any or all the apps that you don't want them to run in the background.

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