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How to disable Windows 10 notification

Posted: 2020-05-05

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In Windows 10, you can customize the notifications by choosing what notification to display in the action center
or what not to or you can complete disable all notification. For example, you can disable some notification such as when you receive an email or disable all notification including Windows notification.

To do this:

1) Click Start -> Settings -> System

2) On the left panel, select Notification & Actions. You can also search "Notification and action settings" in the Windows search box

3) Turn off the "Get notification from apps and other senders" by moving the bar to the left to turn off App notification.

4) You can also turn off Windows notification by removing the check mark from other boxes
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5) If you want disable notification from specific app such as email, keep the notification on and only disable the only specific app notification. Scroll down to see all the apps under your notifications & actions window

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