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how to delete an organizational unit ou in windows server 2008 active directory

Posted: 2009-04-11

Windows Server 2008 active directory has accidental deletion protections feature that would not allow you as an Administrator to delete Active Directory Object by right clicking and deleting. If you leave the “Protect object from accidental deletion” check box checked when you create the object, you will have to disable that feature before you can delete the object. To disable accidental deletion protection feature, follow this step: 1. Open up Active Directory Users and Computers through the Server Manger or Administrative Tools. 2. In the Active Directory Users & Computers console. Click on View from the menu bar and then click on Advanced Features. 3. Right click the object to delete and click on Properties. 4. In the object properties console, click on the Object tab. 5. Uncheck the “Protect object from accidental deletion” and click ok. 6. You can now delete the object by right clicking and clicking on delete.

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