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how to decorate a simple flip flops

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-16

This is a really easy craft idea, to decorate something as simple as a flip flop. Ideal for a girl who wants to express herself and her own personality and style in every step. The materials are cheap and easy to get, so there is no excuse for not doing it. Materials . A pair of flip flops . Ribbon of the same color than your flip flops, about 1 cm wide . Instant glue . Beads the color you want, several sizes (it is better if the color of the beads combines the color of the flip flops) . Plastic thread . Needle The steps to follow are: 1. Thoroughly cleanse the flip flops, so the glue will stick better. 2. At one of the ends near to the heel, put a little glue and start wrapping the ribbon. Trying not to be leave spaces without ribbon. 3. You need to wrap all the straps of the flip flops. When all the part is covered, in the part that goes on top of the foot, where a v is formed, you have to add a little glue again and cover with ribbon the whole v part. That is where the beads will be. 4. Once all the part is covered, it is time to have fun sewing the beads. As the beads have different sizes, you can intercalate between a big one, maybe one or two small or the way you like it. It is better if you glue the bead first and then you sew it with the plastic thread to ensure their position. Another option is, instead of using beads you can use buttons, seashells, little flowers or any other thing you like. 5. It is ready to use.

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