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how to cure cold using home remedies

Posted: 2015-03-12

Though cold is very common infection, keeping it untreated can lead to many other dangerous infection like pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. There are many natural ways, which can give you relief from cold symptoms. Green tea with lemon grass and ginger: Since both lemon grass and ginger has anti inflammatory properties, it soothes your throat. And green tea has anti oxidant properties, so this combination works best for curing cold. Honey: We have always seen that doctors suggest cough syrup for treating cold, but honey can work as cough syrup. It consists of powerful nutrients and has anti microbial properties, thus helping you to treat your sore throat. It can be taken alone, or with lemon or cinnamon powder. Take steam: This is the most traditional way. Boil some water, add cloves, pepper, and cinnamon and inhale steam coming from it, protecting your nose from burn. This will relieve you from congestion. Turmeric milk: Drink warm milk with teaspoon of turmeric powder in it. Turmeric has very strong anti inflammatory properties, thus helps to relieve your symptoms to a large extent.

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