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How to create Windows 10 system backup image

Posted: 2020-07-11

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Create Windows 10 system backup Image

It's easy to create and restore a system image in Windows 10. The system image is a complete snapshot of your device at the time you take the image including the drive partitions, operating system, user accounts, programs, settings, and data. The image can be used to restore your device if your hard drive or operating system fails. The image can be stored on a local hard drive partition, external drive, network drive, or DVD.

To create a Windows 10 system backup image;

1. Open the classic Control Panel

2. Click File History

3. At the bottom left corner of the file history, click System Image Backup

4. Click Create a system image

5. Select the image storage location and click next

6. Review the drive partitions included in the image and click Start backup. A complete image of your disk should be created in the selected location and can be used to restore your system at any time.

7. It will ask if you want to create a recovery disk in the end, this is optional.

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