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how to create raid 5 volume in windows server 2003

Posted: 2009-02-22

RAID 5 Volume is also known as Striped Volume with Parity is when you take at least three hard drives that are same size & speed and use them as one virtual drive. Stripped Set with Parity writes the information to all three disks at the same time and also writes parity so data is not lost if one of the drives fail. You can create RAID 5 Volume using 3 or more same size and same speed hard drives. To create RAID 5 Volume, follow these steps: 1. Install three or more same size physical hard drivers. 2. Click Start and Right click My Computer (or Server Name). 3. Click Manage. Computer Management Console opens up. 4. Click on Disk Manament. 5. Convert drives to Dynamic. (Right click the Disk Icon and click on Convert to Dynamic Disk). 6. Right click on the first disks and click on New Volume. 7. On the Select Volume Type window, select “Raid 5” and click Next. 8. On the disk selection window, select and add all the disks that will be part of the RAID 5. Click Next. 9. Assign a drive letter or keep the system assigned drive letter and click next. 10. Keep the NTFS file system, check “Quick Format” option and click next to format the volume. 11. Click Finish.

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