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how to create dfs root target in windows server 2003 active directory domain

Posted: 2009-02-24

You can add redundancy to the DFS (Distributed File System) root by creating a DFS root target which creates DFS Root on different server so if one server fails, the data remains active. Add a New Root Target to your DFS root: 1. Open up the DFS console by going to Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> DFS. 2. Right click the DFS root and click New Root Target. 3. Type or browse and choose the server that will host DFS Root Target. Click next. 4. Create and choose a shared folder. 5. Review and finish the wizard. After the root target is setup, the next process is to configure the replications. To configure the replication; 6. Right click the DFS root and click on Configure Replication. Configure Replication Wizard opens up. Click Next. 7. Select one of the servers an initial master. Choose the server that has links to the resource. Click Nest. 8. Select the preferred topology. (Ring, hub & spoke, full mesh, or custom). Click Next. 9. Click finish.

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