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how to create a windows server 2003 forward lookup zone

Posted: 2009-02-11

Forward lookup zone is where all the hosting resolution takes place. It resolves each DNS name to its IP address. To create a Forward lookup zone in a new windows 2003 DNS. Follow these steps: 1. Click Start -> Administrative Tools -> DNS. 2. Expand the server object by clicking the + sign to view the forward lookup folder. 3. Right click the Forward Lookup zone and click New Zone. This will start forward lookup zone creation wizard. If you setup your DNS with Active Directory, Active Directory Integrated forward lookup zone should be automatically created. 4. Choose the type of Zone to create (Active Directory Integrated, Standard Primary, or Standard Secondary) and click next. 5. Type the zone name and click next. The zone name should be same as the DNS suffix of the DNS server. 6. Click next on the Zone file window and click the Finish.

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